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Jet Peel Facial

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Jet Peel Facial Q & A

What Is A Jet Peel Facial?

Through our in-house partner Be. Clinical Spa, we are excited to offer our patients the JetPeel - a no-touch, needle-free oxygen jet peel facial. This modern skin care treatment takes aesthetic and dermatological care to the next level of excellence and comfort. Based on jet propulsion technology, JetPeel uses fine misty jet streams of high-velocity liquid traveling at subsonic speeds. Applied to the skin, these powerful jet streams create microchannels to facilitate deep subdermal delivery without skin breakage or pain. The treatment is non-invasive and comfortable, providing you with an unexpectedly relaxing and cooling experience that requires no downtime and delivers visible same-day results.

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Jet Peel Facial Benefits

Jet Peel Facials Are Ideal For All Skin Types, Improves Overall Skin Health And Provides The Following Benefits:

  • Glowing, bright skin
  • Provides tightening and lifting on loose skin
  • Hydrates
  • Improves circulation
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Decreases the appearance of pores
  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Under eye "de-puffing" & brightening

What makes the JetPeel technology so unique?

With a jet peel facial, we’ll combine oxygen and saline, creating a jet stream of micro-droplets. JetPeel infusion technology allows these micro-droplets to reach the dermal layer of the skin because of the supersonic jet speeds at which they are driven into the skin. This not only cleans and exfoliates the skin but also stimulates collagen and elastin.

What are the steps involved in the JetPeel treatment?

1. Jet Lymphatic Drainage – The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to move fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. This is accomplished using a supersonic jet stream of saline and oxygen used in massaging motions slightly above the skin. The power of the jet stream moves toxins and debris towards lymph nodes in the face and neck.

2. Jet Exfoliation – Jet Detox Water including glycolic acid, vitamin B5 and aloe vera gently removes natural debris and exfoliates dead skin cells The tissue is oxygenated the tissue and stimulates micro-circulation.

3. Jet Infusion – Depending on your skin concern, specific Bio-active serums (Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A&E, Vitamin B5) will be infused with the jet stream deep into the dermal layer of the skin.

Will my face peel?

No, a Jet Peel facial will not make your skin actually peel. Different from a traditional chemical peel, the serum travels deep into the dermis so there is no need to use a strong glycolic acid. With JetPeel your acne spots will dry up with the skin remains hydrated.

Is the JetPeel painful?

No, the JetPeel treatment is not painful at all. The facial is cooling and relaxing similar to a massage.

Can a JetPeel treatment be performed on all skin types?

Absolutely! We have special protocols for those with dry or sensitive skin or those prone to acne or rosacea.

How soon until I start to see results?

After your JetPeel treatment your skin will immediately look clean, healthy, refreshed, glowing, hydrated, smooth and bright!

How many Treatments will I need?

This is all up to your specific skin concerns and desires. You will see an immediate improvement in your skin after just one treatment, but we recommend at least 3 treatments to give you the most optimal results.

Should I have a JetPeel done right before a special event?

Yes! The JetPeel is a great treatment to have done right before a special event as your skin will look bright and glowing immediately after your treatment.

I had filler injected into my face, can I still have the JetPeel Treatment done?

We recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks before having a JetPeel facial if you have recently had filler injected anywhere in your face.

Can you get a jet peel and another facial in the same week?

Yes, JetPeels can be combined with any other facial in the same week and sometimes the same day to improve the results of another facial. The cooling and hydrating effects of JetPeel are great for the skin right after a micro channeling session.

For more information or to schedule, please call 281-894-9992!