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Patients of previous breast surgeries sometimes experience circumstances that create interest in making some changes, Breast revision surgery can be the best solution. At Winds of Change Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Sumpter combines precision and artistry to remove implants, replace implants, perform breast lifts, and do other breast revisions including combination breast surgery to help you feel and look your best. Use the online booking tool or call the office to schedule your consultation now.

Breast Revision Q & A

When are breast revisions needed?

There are a number of reasons for breast revisions, and each woman's decision to have a breast revision differs. Dr. Sumpter at Winds of Change Cosmetic Surgery spends time getting to know her patients and their reasons for wanting to, for example, remove their implants or correct rippling. 

It’s through this more personal connection and thorough understanding that Dr. Sumpter can effectively revise her patient’s breasts to make them feel more confident and happy with their appearance. 

What are the different types of breast revisions?

There are many different situations that could lead you to Winds of Change Cosmetic Surgery for a breast revision, including:

Changing implant size

If you’re not happy with your implant size, Dr. Sumpter can remove your current implants and replace them with another size that’s more comfortable and suited for your body. Dr. Sumpter has patients that increase the size of their implants and some that decrease the size of their implants. She also has patients that combine a lift (mastopexy) with changing implant size.

Removing implants

If you no longer want your implants, Dr. Sumpter can remove them and then lift and reshape your natural breast tissue to create an attractive look without implants. Implant removal can be done with an en bloc / total capsulectomy or just an anterior capsulectomy. The procedure can be done with a simultaneous or delayed (separate surgery date) lift. Some patients also choose a simultaneous or delayed fat transfer to the breast to add volume back after implant removal.

Breast lift

Over time it is natural for breasts to sag, with or without breast implants. Dr. Sumpter can perform a breast lift to reposition your breasts for a more youthful look. This may also be done with the addition of or a change in implants, whether size or profile.

Replacing damaged implants 

Rarely, breast implants rupture, shift, or lose volume over time. Dr. Sumpter can remove the damaged implants and replace them with a set that fits your needs, goals, and body. 

Repairing double-bubble

Double-bubble is the nickname for implants that descend below your natural breast crease. It may happen when implants shift, are too high, or are too large. Dr. Sumpter can reposition the implants, replace them if necessary, and lift the breast tissue if needed. Occasionally, a fascial sling is a recommended addition to support and reinforce the implant(s) position.

Removing scar tissue 

Sometimes scar tissue hardens and tightens around breast implants or the capsule, which can force them out of place or harden breasts. Dr. Sumpter can remove the scar tissue (capsulectomy), reposition the implants, and replace them if needed.

Wrinkling and rippling repair

Your skin may wrinkle or ripple above the implants if you have very little body fat, thin breast tissue, or if the breast pocket is too large for the implants. Dr. Sumpter corrects the problem in several ways, such as a reconstructive tissue matrix or breast pocket reduction.

Whatever breast implant problem you’re dealing with, Dr. Sumpter has the breast surgery revision solution you need.

How long is recovery after breast revision surgery?

Recovery time varies considerably depending on how extensive your breast revision surgery is. Breast revision surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, and recovery can generally require a week or two of downtime. You typically wear a medical support bra during healing, just as with your original breast surgery.

Winds of Change Cosmetic Surgery offers breast revisions for every need and situation. Use the online booking tool or call the office to get your breast surgery done right!