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Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal Q & A

What can be expected in a consultation for breast implant removal?

You will meet with Dr. Sumpter to discuss your considerations and decision to further explore having your breast implants removed in a one-on-one consultation.

When are breast implant removal procedures performed/needed? Is breast implant removal right for me?

There may be a number of reasons what a patient considers breast implant removal. The reasons will help form what may be included in your specific breast implant removal procedure.

For many patients, there is an interest in a full en bloc or total capsulectomy, in which any tissue that was in contact with the implant is removed. Some patients choose to have additional laboratory testing performed on the tissue removed at a nominal additional cost. For some patients, only an anterior capsulectomy is performed, in which the superior scar tissue is removed from the front of the implant.

There is always consideration of loss of volume when a patient has breast implants removed. In the consultation, examination and conversation with Dr. Sumpter, Dr. Sumpter will take note of your natural breast tissue (glandular) to give an idea of what a patient can expect from the loss of volume of breast implants.

In many cases, a mastopexy, or breast lift is performed. Depending upon the individual patient case, this can sometimes be performed simultaneously with the breast implant removal. The breast lift may also be performed at a later, separate procedure time and date.

What happens during breast implant removal surgery? / How does breast implant removal surgery work? / What does breast implant removal surgery include?

The implant is removed. If en bloc or total capsulectomy is indicated, then the implant is removed while encased in the scar tissue. The breast implant pocket is thoroughly investigated for any signs of infection. Cultures can be taken if requested or needed. The chest wall muscles are repaired if needed, and placed back into their anatomical position. Drain(s) are placed and the incision(s) are closed.

What is recovery like and time (how long) after breast implant removal surgery?

Patients having breast implant removal surgery will have bilateral drains placed for 4 – 7 days. Sutures are removed a few days later. Patients are asked and encouraged to stay in touch with the office throughout the process.