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Kybella Neck Liposuction - Chin Contouring



Houston, TX cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kristi Sumpter, is proud to offer the latest advancements in injectable treatments. Kybella is a new option for Houston area patients seeking nonsurgical fat removal from the upper neck and chin. Manufactured by Allergan, Kybella instantly reduces noticeable pockets of fat in the upper neck and under the chin creating younger, smoother looking contours. In some cases, these fat deposits are genetic, and in other cases, they can be the result of weight loss or aging. Kybella removes what many refer to as the "double chin". During the initial consultation, Dr. Sumpter will determine if Kybella is right for you, or if you would benefit from having a cosmetic surgery procedure such as neck liposuction or a neck lift. Kybella offers great results and we have many happy patients that can attest to its effectiveness.


The active ingredient that makes up Kybella, is deoxycholic acid. This substance, once injected into the skin, destroys fat in the submental area of the chin and upper neck. Many patients will notice slimming results immediately after their Kybella injection, however, it is common to have between 2-4 treatment sessions to attain the desired results. In clinical trials, it was reported that almost 80% of patients were happy with their results and preferred Kybella over a surgical option. They reported looking and feeling younger and more contoured.



Kybella is performed in our cosmetic surgery office. Treatment starts after the face and neck are thoroughly cleaned and after a numbing ointment as been applied to the injection sites. Kybella is injected into the skin via a fine needle. It generally takes multiple injections to achieve the desired results. While these results can be seen quickly, most patients will see their best results after 2-4 treatment sessions. These session are usually spaced out about 3-4 weeks. After a Kybella injection, the skin will be red and swollen, but similar to other injectable treatments, this goes away within a few hours.



Once Kybella has been injected into the submental area of the upper neck and chin, the fat cells are destroyed. This is similar to other methods of liposuction. While these fat cells will not return, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle because new fat cells can form. The results can be beautiful and lasting for years if maintained properly.


Kybella is considered safe and effective for fat reduction in the upper neck and under the chin. It has been approved by the FDA, and numerous clinical studies have proven its success. In fact, research scientists have performed over 20 clinical studies with patients attaining outstanding results. Patients must be 18 years of age to receive a Kybella injection. This particular injectable should not be used on other areas of the face outside of the neck or chin area. 


Traditional liposuction is considered one of the most effective fat reduction techniques. However, advances in medical technologies make it possible for products like Kybella to produce similar results without having to undergo surgery. Kybella is great for patients who do not have a vast amount of fat to remove. The benefits of Kybella over traditional liposuction, is that it is cost effective, there is no anesthesia, downtime, or scarring, and it is a great alternative for patients seeking fast results. Both methods will be discussed during the initial consultation so that the right procedure is performed based on the patient's goals and aesthetic concerns.


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